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The remote doesn't work with the fan. Change the remote's batteries and/or move closer to fan. Make sure the fan is plugged into a live outlet. Call Soleus Air Customer Service for further assistance at 1-877-976-5387.


What is the natural/normal/sleep mode? The fan's speeds cycle from high through low emulating a natural wind breeze.


What is sleep mode? The fan will turn off for a couple seconds between low and high speed.


Can I program my fan's timer to turn the fan on? No, the timer can only be set to turn the fan off.


What should I use to clean my fan? Use a damp cloth to wipe-down the product. Do not use any chemical cleaner such as acid, alcohol, etc. to clean the fan. Do not spray water directly on the fan.


What is the electrical rating of my fan? Look on the bottom or back of your fan for the white or silver rating label sticker. You will find the wattage, voltage and hertz on this label. To find amperage, divide the watts by the volts.


I have trouble installing the fan. Read the instruction on the user manual carefully and follow the steps. If further help is needed, call Soleus Air Customer Service at 1-877-976-5387.

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