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My unit is not evaporating water fast enough? When the room temperature is low and the indoor humidity is high, the air conditioner may not be able to evaporate the moisture removed from the air fast enough. When this happens the unit will automatically shut off and the water full icon will appear on the control panel display. To manually drain the condensate water you should pull the drain plug located on the bottom-back of the unit. You will need a small pan (approximately 1" high) or a small plastic bag to drain approximately 1.5 Liters of condensate water. Once the condensate tank is drained, the unit will begin working within a few minutes. If you live in an area where your unit needs to be manually drained often, you may consider the option to purchase a small hose from a hardware store that can fit around the 5/8" drain plug on the back of the unit. When using this option, drain the unit into a gravity drain or use a water pump that can be purchased from our online parts and accessories store.


What should I do if my unit has an E-4 problem? The broken water tank flipper will directly cause the unit to not function and the E-4 message will appear on the display screen.


What should I do when caster broken? Call Customer Service Center for replacement at 1-877-976-5387


What should I do when the E-1 message display on screen? Contact our Customer Service Center at 1-877-976-5387

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